As you may already know, Impervius specializes in providing and installing flat membrane roofs in the area of Montreal. However, what you may not know is that we also provide and install shingle, metal and slate roofing systems. Our specialty is high performance roof systems. What does this mean? High performance systems are characterized by durability and sustainability. Simply put, they are unmatched in quality compared to other systems. We only use the longest-lasting, most resilient products available. However, we remain cognoscente of the client in terms of choosing the best-suited solutions.
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Home Maintenance Tips For Spring

With the spring thawing out the remnants of winter, this is a good time to show your home some love after the long winter months. We’ve provided you with a home maintenance checklist to help you identify an issue before it becomes a serious problem. Here are the top home maintenance tips for Spring for the building envelope.
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Planning for your roof replacement – PART 1: Short-term Measures

Congratulations! You are a homeowner and you own a beautiful property. You have a place to call your own. A place that you can fill with all your cherished belongings. A wonderful place that you retreat to at the end of every day, and that serves as a shelter for you and your loved ones. You will experience special memories here; have parties and gatherings, experience laughter and joy, tears and sadness… Congratulations! You are a homeowner… and now you have some work to do.
You work hard to pay for your home, so you want to renovate, repair and maintain it… It can be a sickly feeling when things start to fall apart on you. What’s the problem this time? How much is this going to cost me? What do I do? Who can I call to help me?

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