Regardless of the type of roof, Impervius is able to investigate the issue at hand and find a solution (short-term or long-term) that best suits your needs. Our experienced team will be able to offer recommendations on the most cost-efficient option, as well as the ideal course of action for your particular situation.

24/7 Emergency Service Line

Leaky roof in the middle of the night?  Not a problem… we can help!  Impervius has a 24/7 Emergency Service to help you out regardless of time, place or weather conditions.  We are available at all times. A qualified team will respond to your call and will investigate, contain and resolve your issue. If it's an an emergency, don't wait, call us: 514-821-4054.

Protection Plan

Hoping to put off the replacement of your roof for a little while longer? Not sure what condition your roof is in and anxious about a possible leak? Ask us about our Protection Plans. They may be advantageous and offer you the peace of mind that you have been seeking.