Since its establishment in 2012, Impervius has emerged and made its mark in the waterproofing industry using progressive technologies, innovations and attitudes. Our mission is to offer our clients an experience that is pleasant and discreet. As a specialist in various types of sealing & waterproofing for the building envelope, we provide and install high performance materials for roofs, foundations, and all types of structures. The fundamental criteria for a high performance system is durability and sustainability. Simply put, it is unmatched in quality compared to other systems. Our objective is to offer the longest-lasting, most durable waterproofing solution possible, at an honest price and in a positive environment.

Consider Impervius as a place to start or build your career. As a team member of our organization, you will get the opportunity to acquire new skills, refine your abilities, and master a trade. At Impervius, employees take pride in their craft and we are always looking for good talent. Don’t just look for a job, build your expertise with Impervius.

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