Tis the Season

‘Tis the season… to decorate your home for the holidays

Montreal is experiencing warmer than usual weather this year which makes decorating your home for the holidays a little more enjoyable. Not having to brave a blizzard means you can put up lights and ornaments with a little more ease, and what a nice change that is! That being said, decorating the exterior of your home can still be a source of frustration for some, especially when there is a seemingly endless supply of tangled lights! In order for you to maximize your decorating experience, here are some things to consider.

1. Safety First
Surely, putting Rudolph on your roof will make your kids love you even more than they already do…but that means you need to actually go on the roof in the winter when conditions are not ideal. Moreover, securing Rudolph so that he is able to withstand the winter is no easy task. When going on your roof please think of safety first. For example, inspect your ladder and make sure it is firmly planted and tied down before climbing up it. Please, don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to safety. And if you are not comfortable climbing onto the roof to install elaborate decorations, please call a professional, because if you had a hard time getting up on the roof, it will be much harder getting back on the ladder to get back down.

2. Double Up
Have a buddy help you out with putting up the decorations. Having another person with you can be especially helpful when more dangerous work is required like going on your roof. Whether it’s lending a hand in the aesthetics department or holding a ladder, having a second person there can provide you with assistance and help you should an injury or emergency occur.

3. Light it up
Firstly, if you are decorating the exterior of your home, be sure that you are installing lights for external use. There are different lights and our Canadian winters require a more robust and durable exterior light. Before you begin to string your lights outside, check to see if there are any bulbs that need to be replaced. It’s important that if you do need to replace a bulb, that the new bulb be the same wattage as the others to reduce the possibility of an electrical problem occurring.

4. Take your time
Be patient and plan properly. With Mother Nature being so kind this year, take advantage of the extra time you can spend outdoors to see these ideas come to fruition. When it is time to take down the decorations, don’t hastily remove them (like pulling the lights from the cord for example). This may cause damage to your roof. Instead, unfasten each one individually.

The holidays are a time for friends and family. The last thing you want to be worrying about is the aesthetics of your home. Do it right the first time so you can have yourself a merry little Christmas. On behalf of the team here at Impervius, our heartfelt wishes for a happy, healthy and safe holiday to you and yours.

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